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My lifetime's work includes my:
(I don't remember why I wrote it)
 . . .
 "Just a message, to the future; Whatever that should be. . ."

Two book/screenplays: The Dog Star Laser(SubSonicSong) + Craven Image

And my Cartoon/Song "A Goat On The Boat(YouTube)--I wrote this so that my friend's 'Goat' might have value someday. I worked on it a year and a half.

I copyrighted a 27 page songbook under the pseudonym: billybonnyband(c)'93
hoping to share the songrights (and fight the powers that be). Yea. . .

Plus: I've had several Religious Experiences, the first of which is described in detail in my book, and I often say that writing Craven Image (from a dream Christmas night of 2000) was also a religious experience--what I've since called: Stream of Consciousness: but I still say it was God, guess I'm stubborn that way.

   Any bands who need song material and are willing to represent songs copyrighted under the pseudonym: billybonnyband/(c)1993, should contact me: and we'll make whatever agreement seems appropriate.
Email me: And until I put up a sign, 'Gone Fishin' --I'll try to get back to you.
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 As always, I will keep your correspondence "Under My Hat."  billybonnyband

                              "Caption Johnny" by Vicki Odom