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Craven Image

                Craven Image--(Book/Screenplay)

STORY: In Chapter 1, I recount my exact thoughts which led me to see a 'flash of light like a meteorite,' when I realized the existence of God...(I know God exists):

A movie theater concessions worker runs an ad for Actor-Investors but it's a scam and he has no script. He likes the people who answer his ad and an idea comes to him in a dream, in which a coven summons God (a shepherd boy who they dare to show up) and the devil (who claims to be God's older brother, taking credit for the law: 'My word is my bond'), to a final reunion. The devil accuses God of creating all the problems of the world, and with his lightning guitar work, wins the acclaim of his coven.

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The Secret of the Scarlet Thread: Two Threads in the Old Testament act as bookmarks (my own religious discovery)
following: My Religious Experience listening the Pharoah Sanders playing tenor sax; the most eloquent description is in Craven Image: "as a meteorite sailed through my head."
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. . . "A Scarlet Thread, a secret hid; Holds the Key, to a Mystery". . .
                                     CRAVEN IMAGE